An increasingly popular record JJ.

This week we are a bit late, but it was worth it. Yes, it is worth it because we have had several news from JJ, which shows his recognition, increasing in both his countries. Both in the country of origin, Spain, and the residence, USA.

JJ continues to add record numbers, 11 touchdowns, 2 in his last game, each time closer to the magic figure of 1000 yards, an almost unattainable figure playing at Stanford.

But not only that, it seems David Saw has decided to take advantage of it in all its facets, not only looking for it for the end Zone. It seems that he is realizing that JJ can still give much more of himself. Far from it has reached its limit.

The game against Washington State was lost, a penalty for his team, yet he ran again for 111 yards, 10 receptions, and 2 TDs.

Today he plays against Washington, in Seattle, at 3 in the morning through PAC 12 Networks.

Here are some twets about him:

And as we have said, both in Spain, through the newspaper El mundo, and in the United States, JJ is being recognized, this week it was in Spain, through the newspaper El mundo, you can click here to see the report .

And finally, we can’t forget the last touchdown program or anything, this time they talk about JJ for the last 10 minutes, but they are very endearing words about him and his family. It is worth listening to Alberto Zaragoza, Manuel Miguel and Pablo Fernández.

And since JJ’s family is being remembered, we remind you of these articles previously published on this same page:

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