A very special year for J.J.


There is only one game left, the SunBowl. And J.J. it’s only about 30 yards from hitting 1000. Not only that, if he makes one more touchdown he will surpass the record for TDs made in one year. And by dreaming, he is 5 of the total record for touchdowns at Stanford.

The game will be against Pittsburgh. And it’s certainly very important, because it’s the game that can break the records, because it’s the last one, maybe with Stanford, and because next year, if he decides, he could be in the NFL draft.

It has been a very intense year for J.J. It has been that of his consecration as one of the best university WideReceivers in the country, with very outstanding performances. Opting for great prizes, recognitions and awards. The whole world has echoed his worth, not only on the other side of the Atlantic, but also here, in Spain. his native country.

Here is a link to a great article from “the draft network”. Also the video that they have prepared for him from Stanford, in tribute to his appointment as MVP of the team in the season, and a tweet, with video included, where he is recognized as the best WR in the REDZONE.


But if there is something that makes a very special year for him, and ultimately for his entire family, it is that two of his grandparents have passed away this year.

First it was his paternal grandfather, Angel, shortly after J.J. to Spain. 

But almost 5 months later, at the end of September, and when J.J. He had barely played a month of the season, his maternal grandmother, Lonnie, passed away. 

These moments are what have prompted him to carry out, not only the best, the historic season that ends on December 31, his birthday, the day that ends this year 2018, and the day on which the SunBowl will take place. …


So now we all have to be with him. Support him, encourage him. You can do something great in this sport. It has already started to do so. We have to make him see that he is not only the pride of his family, but also the pride of a country. It may be the first hand, Aragonese, and Spanish, born in Spain, to play the NFL. And from there, why can’t we be willing to dream? Let’s be part of that dream, let’s help this time to become a reality …

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