And finally it arrived!

In Week 13, in the Eagles' twelfth game this season, J.J. Arcega-Whiteside in this competition. The first of a lot, for sure. It's not been an easy season for J.J. He has few chances, and he doesn't get many passes from the quaterback. But this is the NFL, the most important, and most demanding, league in American Football. It is his turn to learn and work, and at last, although he has made himself wait, he has obtained his reward.

It is true that a few games ago he had a drop against the Lions. It was also his second game as a starter and it was the second pass he received in the game, but that is already past. Since then he has been striving to improve and adapt to the league and the needs of his team. Not in vain he had already been warning, for example in the previous game he had achieved 2 receptions and about 45 yards. One of them of great invoice. Little by little, what he is capable of achieving and contributing is being glimpsed.

All the national media in Spain, and most of the United States, have echoed the feat, be it written press, online, radio or television. Here we leave you a small compilation of it. They are not all, serve as a small representation, but it is to be appreciated and to highlight all the support that J.J. you are receiving from your native country. Hopefully this support will continue in both good times and difficult times.


But we can't forget about a show that has been with J.J. Arcega-Whiteside since his beginnings as an American Football player. Since its inception at Stanford University. We talk about "TouchDown or Nothing" and its founder Alberto Zaragoza. Now converted to "La Guarida de Alberto Zaragoza", a renewed program adding extensive content dedicated to more sports, not just American Football. Here we leave you one of his latest programs.


The next game is against the New York Giants, of utmost importance as they are a rival in their division, and although they are last, the Eagles cannot be trusted. They are not having a great season but they are still only one win away from the Dallas Cowboys, and they have yet to play the second leg against them. They cannot miss this opportunity. The game against the Giants will be the early morning from Monday to Tuesday at 2:15 in the morning, and will be televised on the #Vamos channel. We will be attentive to what J.J. Maple-Whiteside.


Meanwhile, and before we said goodbye, we could not forget two other unforgettable moments that were for him, such as his first touchdown in the NCAA and his first interview as a professional player. Here we leave you these two already historical documents.

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