Arcega-Whiteside. The best 19 ever

Besides being one of the best Wide Receivers in the league, J.J. Arcega-Whiteside has become the best number 19 of her. And that doesn’t just include his position, but he competes with other players from different boundaries. It is still anecdotal, but without a doubt it is another step in his career. Let’s not forget that his goal is next year’s draft, and everything that helps to be known, and above all well valued, contributes its grain of sand.

We are proud that his worth is being recognized more and more, but above all his work and effort to be each game, each training session, better than the last. We will surely see its fruits soon.

Here is the link that refers to the news:

If you look at the article in English, he talks about his parents, two ex-basketball players, in turn coach-trainers. We remind you here of the post where we talk about them, and their trajectory:

And also in another article we talk about the history of the i-town ballers. Which stars J.J. and his parents. Without a doubt, a story that could be worthy of a movie. As some “neighborhood” boys form a basketball team and over the years get to be the state champions:

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