José Joaquín Arcega Whiteside was born in Aragonese lands, Zaragoza, the Ebro valley, on December 31, 1996. He is the son of two prominent basketball players, Joaquín Arcega and Valorie Whiteside.

His first year and a half lived in his hometown, while his parents played for the Zaragoza teams. Joaquín at Helios, a leading team after the disappearance of CBZ. And Valorie in El Cajalón, in his second stage.

JJ grew up learning both languages, English and Spanish, and Portuguese joined them, due to the professional commitments of his parents forced them to move to Lisbon, where Joaquín won the cup and league with Estrelas d’avenida.

Later they moved to Valorie’s homeland, to live away from the courts, and that’s when JJ began to practice both basketball and American football, reaching its maximum expression at Dorman High School.

He excelled in both sports, but his passion soon became American football. He stands out for his speed, but above all for his perseverance and his desire to improve every day.

And it was time to go to university, several of them, from all over the US, were interested in him, but he opted for Stanford, where he saw that he could make his dream come true, of becoming a great player. of American Football.

JJ’s first touchdown with Stanford. Aug 2016

And his first touchdown arrives. It was against UCLA one of the first games of the 2016 season. From then on J.J. he has progressed game after game.

He has managed to create a partnership with fellow quarterback K.J. Costello. He has equaled the record of 14 touchdowns in a season in the 2018 season. He has also surpassed 1000 yards, the first Stanford player in the 21st century.

In addition, in his university career he has achieved a total of 28 TDs, 4 of the total record of a university player in all his seasons.

Spectacular numbers that have helped the NFL teams notice him. He will go to the 2019 draft.

But that’s another story yet to be written …

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