First defeat.

Another TD from JJ.

It could not be. This ‘the Cardinals’ fell to Notre Dame, which took revenge for the last losses these years ago. JJ got a new TouchDown, he already has 8, and that with 22 catapults him to the fourth best Stanford player in all history.

Two were the factors of defeat. The first has already been said here many times. The game system is not prepared for JJ. He’s a wide receiver, and the coach uses systems for Bryce Love, they play more for the Running Back. That means that the game is more predictable, and since there is nothing different, rivals are soon learning about the Stanford system. Proof of this is that at Stanford in the last 20 years no wide receiver has achieved a thousand yards in a season. But JJ is different, he takes every opportunity and maybe this year he will break that statistic. Not for nothing is he the best scorer in the league in the entire US in the End Zone. He is the safest player. Besides the touchdown, he also had 5 receptions and 30 yards.

The second factor, the defense was wrong. You have to cover more spaces and be more attentive and give more help. However, it is only a defeat against a great rival, but these games have to serve to improve, and not think that everything is done.

This Saturday, at 4:30 in the morning towards Sunday, we played at home against Utah, a good game to compensate and not miss the train of the first eight.

We bring you this time, apart from the new touchdown program, by Alberto Zaragoza, Manuel Miguel, and Pablo Fernández, an article by friends of Spanish Bowl who have dedicated last week to JJ. 

You can read the SpanishBowl article at this link. In the audio of TouchDown or Nada there is talk of College Football starting at 1:40:00.

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