Fly Eagles, Fly

Many events have occurred since the last post on this blog. The most important, that J.J. Arcega Whiteside is going to play in the NFL. The first Spanish selected through the draft in a great pick; second round, at number 57. Selected by the Philadelphia Eagles, NFL champions in the 2017/18 season. A great destination, and a greater opportunity where you can develop your game and all your abilities.

It was news in many media of all kinds, press, radio and television. Here we show some of them, without detracting from the importance of the rest, and support they show by J.J. and your future.

Direct from Alberto Zaragoza in the election of JJ:


JJ Arcega, primer jugador español seleccionado en el draft de la NFL

And here, the most emotional moment of the night, just when J.J. get the call from the Eagles. A moment full of sensations and emotions: your-choice? count = 0

Furthermore, from Movistar + a Robinson Report program, “Arcega Whiteside Story”, was dedicated to him. The program lasts about 45 minutes, it is worth watching, however here we leave you the link of the reduced version that was published on YouTube. In it, since his childhood, he talks about his love for his two countries, because JJ considers himself both Maño, Spanish, and “American”. One was his land of birth, the other his land where he has spent his best years.

On Sunday the 8th the NFL begins in a match against the Redskins, a priori an easy rival, but we already know what this league is like, where there is no small rival. Hopefully J.J. You can make your debut and have a few minutes to prove your worth again, just as you have done during the preseason. In addition, our special collaborator, Alberto Zaragoza, dedicates us some audios where he analyzes the season, and the game against the Washington team.

Now more than ever, all together shouting “Fly Eagles, Fly”, “Come on JJ !!!”.

This first game, that of his possible debut, is not televised from Movistar +, however closely follow Alberto Zaragoza’s lair, Spanish Bowl, to us, because we will be covering during the game. You can also hire the nfl gamepass if you want to follow the NFL in full from any device.

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