With our friends from TouchDown or Nada

Speaking of J.J. Maple-Whiteside

We have already told you about our friends from TouchDown or Nada.

It is a Spanish podcast, Valencian for more details, that weekly analyzes and comments on the news, also curiosities, of American Football. How they do not make special monitoring of the Spanish like Villanueva or our JJ, as well as our national league.

Taking advantage of the fact that Joaquín, JJ’s father, was visiting us in Spain, we arranged a meal / evening with Manu and Alberto, members of @TDoNada along with Adrián.

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Vicente, Alberto’s friend, also came. They both went to the United States in September to watch American football games and took the opportunity to visit Joaquín.

Lunch was at Asador La Torre de Utebo, a restaurant owned by our friend Máximo. As always the food was spectacular, but that was not the best. But the treatment and attention we received for him and all the restaurant workers was ten. A good place to go for lunch, or dinner and have a good time.

We spent the whole afternoon talking about JJ, trivia about the NCAA, the NFL. As we saw JJ. How is he, his chances for a possible draft. The truth is that if you haven’t heard a TouchDown or Nada program, it’s worth it. At the end of this post we leave you a couple of links to two specials, one where they interview Joaquín a month before Christmas, and another once the season is over where not only Joaquín speaks, but JJ. It is essential to listen to them.

You can tell that they put an extraordinary passion in him not only in the show, but in the faith they have in JJ. That encourages us and you don’t know how happy we are that people like them are so predisposed and collaborate as much as we are. They know that they can collaborate on this website as many times as they consider appropriate. They are an important part so that the potential and capacity that JJ has is known and that little by little it is emerging.

We also received a visit from Jesús Ajenjo. Perhaps the person who knows the most about American football, both in the United States and in Spain, in all of Europe. He is a true fan. Before social networks existed, since it has newspapers and news collected from beyond the 70s. An authentic human encyclopedia that was delighting us with data and anecdotes for a long time, leaving us all amazed by all its knowledge.

To finish here we leave you the two programs that we have discussed, it is worth listening to them:

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