Great game!! Big J-Jaw and Beecher return

The season could not be started better !!, Stanford has won with force to San Diego, and J-Jaw (nickname of JJ Arcega-Whiteside) has started it as he finished it. With 3 Touchdowns !!

Spectacular is the association he has made with K.J. Costello, form a tandem that expects to give us many good moments this season, and especially great joys.

Will we see them on the same team in the NFL in the future? You never know, so now it’s time to enjoy both. If J-Jaw has made 3 touchdowns, Costello has given all 4 touchdown passes the team has made.

In addition, JJ has also added 226 yards and 5 receptions. Great game without a doubt, in a very special game, since it has meant the return of Ryan Beecher, number 43, after the detection of a lymphoma at the end of the previous year. Great news, your return, we are with you and we hope that you will overcome the disease and fully recover. For you it is the featured photo of today’s post.

We leave you a video summary of the game, the tweets of the J-Jaw TDs and a very interesting thread of tweets from Rubén Ibeas García (to see the complete thread, click on his tweet). If you are viewing this entry from the email because you are subscribed, better click on the link and see it from the web since the videos or tweets are not shown by email.

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