Torre de Utebo Grill

If there is one place that is the "epicenter" of NFL fans and J.J. Arcega Whiteside, that's the Asador la Torre in the Zaragoza town of Utebo. So much so that the Spanish media confused the birthplace of J.J., indicating that it was this town, instead of the capital Zaragoza.


The grill is run by Máximo, a friend of the family and number 1 fan of J.J. Not in vain was it the center of the draft in Spain, where fans, friends and family met and where it was experienced in the first person. An event that was promoted by our friends from Touchdown or Nada, who we also met, on another occasion, at the Asador, now called "La Guarida", and by Máximo.

It was two days of hectic activity, but it was really worth it, to be able to share those unique moments that are only repeated once. But it was worth it, first because of the election, and second because the first stone was laid so that people will begin to know who J.J. Arcega Whiteside and also so that American football does not only sound like a sport from the other side of the pond. And there the Asador la Torre de Utebo has a lot to say.


In this video, the Asador la Torre de Utebo appears briefly, where you can see the joy of all the people gathered by the great news of the draft.

When J.J. still playing at Stanford, he visited the Utebo Tower Grill.


Also at the Asador la Torre de Utebo you can go and take a picture with J.J.'s shirt, watch old games, or even eat the famous hamburger that bears his name, and taste the house specialties, which will surely not leave you indifferent.

Hamburger dedicated to J.J. Maple Whiteside

It is a double hamburger made with the best products, it is the most famous on the menu, it is even possible that there is a contest about who is the one who eats it the fastest.

Which is certain that, like J.J. Arcega Whiteside, will not leave you indifferent and will also allow you to remember and relive its best moments, since in the Asador la Torre de Utebo not only photos, videos, t-shirts are kept, but also clippings with the most significant news of J.J.

Let's say it is a "temple" dedicated to our dear J.J. Arcega Whiteside, which every good football fan should visit.

We invite you to comment if you want your experience in this post, which we are sure will cause you to repeat it again, while allowing you to get to know our J.J. Maple Whiteside.

Finally, I do not want to say goodbye without sharing with you a video from the Asador's YouTube channel, where you can see the good work and quality of their products, as well as fun.

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