History of J.J. 2 – The Campus

Joaquín and his brothers for 25 years organized a Basketball and Soccer campus every summer (this part in collaboration with Narciso Juliá first, and with Chucho Solana later), where children between 7 and 15 years old could enjoy 10 days of coexistence and learning of your favorite sport.

EPSON MFP imageAnd of course, JJ came these days, normally they were in July, aimed at Basketball. There he spent unforgettable days with his father, his uncles, and also learned to interact with boys his age.

But what many people do not know is that, in those days, and at the Tarazona Seminary, which is where the campus took place, he learned about rugby / American football, and where he planted the seed that later has germinated being one of the most important players. NCAA highlights.

One of the largest and most prominent Rugby fields is located in the Seminar’s facilities, not only in the region, but also at the national level, since teams from other provinces request to go to this field for their training sessions, preseason and games.


Therefore, they were not only days dedicated exclusively to Basketball or Soccer, but free time was encouraged and all kinds of activities were carried out, swimming pools, excursions. And of course rugby or football matches, in which JJ already stood out as one of the fastest kids. A star was being born …

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