Interview, article and J-Jaw begins season

Today we come with a wide material to offer you. It could not be otherwise since today it begins for J.J. Arcega Whiteside (J-Jaw) the season, being a senior. And as we have been remarking lately, it is not just another season, how I face it, and the success I have may in the end have a great reward.

Yes, a great reward like being in the NFL Draft. But that right now are big words. You have to go game by game. And the first is against San Diego State. This Friday at six California time, 4:00 in the morning from Friday to Saturday here in Spain, peninsular time. 

We are sure that J-Jaw is going to give everything, as always, so we should spare no effort in supporting him.

But we also bring you an interview with our collaborator Alberto Zaragoza. As we mentioned, Alberto is a journalist focused on Movistar eSports and his great passion, American football. Co-founder of the show “TouchDown or Nothing”, and a huge J-Jaw fan. Not in vain do they have their last name in common with the hometown of José Joaquín. But if you want to get to know him a little more, here are several photographs of his visit to Joaquín Arcega, J.J.’s father, in South Carolina, and the interview we conducted a few days ago.

And we can’t forget other friends who are also passionate about football, and J-Jaw in particular. They are the friends of SpanishBowl. Precisely these days they have remembered an article they wrote about J.J., which we bring you their link so that you can read it calmly, it is really worth reading:

This is all for today, but we will return these days to tell you how J.J. Arcega Whiteside his first game this season. You already know that you can comment on any news, make suggestions, and even subscribe so that the articles that we are publishing will reach you automatically by email.

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