J-Jaw for the third win

Another week we are with you. This time the J-Jaw match will be on Saturday 15 at 20 hours Spanish. The rival U.C. Davis. We play at home again. 

That is why we must ensure victory. This year Stanford has to qualify for the playoffs, it would be a great springboard for J-Jaw to go to the draft. Just like he reached 1,000 yards this season, a record no Stanford player has surpassed in more than 20 years. He is on the way, he has almost an average of 150 per games, in only 2 and there are 12 games …

Let’s hope that the Costello – J.J Arcega-Whiteside connection continues to function as it does now, between the two they have record numbers. J-Jaw travels 28.8 yards per reception and leads the standings with more than 7 sacks in which he has more than 28 yards. Here we leave you a twitter where they talk about this fantastic connection:

We also leave you here the latest program of our friends from TouchDown or Nada, with Manuel Miguel, Alberto Zaragoza and new collaborators. You can listen to the College Football part from 1:17:40, where J-Jaw is talked about. His father Joaquín also speaks. By the way, although tomorrow on twitter we will remind you of the article that we dedicated to them when they visited us at the beginning of the year, in case you do not want to wait you can click here and you will access that entry.

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