JJ Arcega-Whiteside heading to the NFL


We couldn’t start in a better way, showing the message of J.J. Arcega-Whiteside announcing that he is leaving the Stanford team. He will be presented to the 2019 Draft.

This new year is being very special for him. Many media, including public television in Spain, have been interested in him and his sports career. But let’s remember that on the last day of the year, his birthday, he played the Sunbowl against Pittsburgh. In that game, JJ covered 90 yards, and therefore surpassed 1,000 in one season. JJ is the first Stanford player of the 21st century to do so, thus breaking another record.


Both in the United States and in Spain, reports have been published these days about JJ and his possibility of appearing for the Draft. In the Heraldo de Aragón report, he talks about his parents Joaquín and Valorie, as well as his Spanish uncles, Fernando and Pepe Arcega. All of them basketball players, so here are the links to these articles:


But what has really made him more popular, that people are interested in him, have been the reports that have appeared these days about him on the Spanish television newscasts. It is a very important accolade and now more than ever you have to be supporting him. These reports are getting J.J. Arcega-Whiteside is an increasingly frequent topic of conversation.


Four years have passed, there have been moments of all kinds, however now it’s time to remember that the TouchDown or Nada team, with Alberto Zaragoza and Manuel Miguel at the helm, conducted the first interview with JJ Arcega-Whiteside and his father Joaquín. They have always supported us in all this time, they have also always trusted him. That is why we are going to put here the link to that first interview, along with the last one that they have done these days, as a contrast. We also leave you the last weekly program, in which they dedicate a few minutes to JJ Arcega-Whiteside in the college section.

We cannot forget the rest of the people who are also interested in J.J., such as the friends of the NFL Hispano, Spanish Bowl, Pablo, Néstor, and all those American football fans are watching him.

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Finally, we suggest you create a TT on twitter, with the hashtag #jjarcegawhitesiderumboalanfl. That fans of J.J. and we make ourselves known to this sport so that we can get to know Spain a little more. As a tribute, we leave you a photo of his first towchdown with Stanford that he achieved in September 2016.

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