JJ in Spain

We have been fortunate to receive JJ's visit here in Spain. The truth is that we would have liked to spend more time with him, but due to his obligations it has not been possible.

First he was in Barcelona, since the flight from Oakland was landing there, and then he came to Zaragoza where his family could enjoy his company for a few days. He hadn't been around for seven years. And in that time many things have changed, but he remains the same simple and familiar person that he has always been.

We have taken the opportunity to record a short video thanking all of you who follow his career. You can find it on the right hand side of the web.

JJ has not stopped these days, he went to the Pyrenees, he also went to see his cousins who are working / studying outside of Zaragoza, and of course he was also at the kick-off of an American football game of the juniors of the Hurricanes. Here you have some photos.

And we also leave you a link to the news from Aragón TV where you can see JJ from minute 15 to 16:30 and an interview in Heraldo de Aragón.



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