Let's vote for J.J. Maple-Whiteside

We haven’t written to you for days, and there is a lot of news that we bring you in this article. Two pages to vote for J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, but let’s start where we left off. In the loss against Utah.

It’s been two in a row, complicating the team’s qualification for the nation’s top 8. Still you have to keep trying. This time J.J. He couldn’t make a touchdown, but he gave us 8 receptions and 100 yards. Add and go. He, even if he does not have his day, is always ready and available to his companions. He not only stands out for his statistics, but because he is a team player, both on and off the field.

J.J. It is TODAY !!!, well the early morning from Thursday to Friday, specifically at 3 in the morning from Thursday to Friday, against Arizona State. Now each game is a final. Hopefully J.J. Arcega-Whiteside continue to offer us great moments and plays, and that his team can add another victory.

But we also told you that we bring you two votes. Here we put the links for you to help us with your vote so that it is the first in the two. One is the fan vote for the biletnikoff trophy. And the other is for the best PAC 12 wide receiver. Here are the links:

We couldn’t say goodbye without leaving you the last two touchdown schedules or nothing. You already know that the last half hour or so they talk about Football College and especially about J.J. Maple-Whiteside.

We also want to thank Heraldo de Aragón for the follow-up he does on J.J. Maple-Whiteside. It is the first newspaper in Aragon, the birthplace of J.J. Here is the last article about him:


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