New contributor and video of J.J. Maple Whiteside (J-Jaw)

As you may have seen, the blog has a new collaborator, and not just any one, but Alberto Zaragoza. Co-founder of the program “TouchDown or Nada“. One of the journalists who knows the most about American Football, the NFL, the NCAA and of course also Spanish and European.

In the next few days he will publish more articles, since J.J. It is being recognized in the United States, since it is among the top-5 of the PAC-12 Wide Receivers, being number 1, it is within the 50 of PFF College, but we will talk more about this next week .

It is a great leap in quality for this blog, to be able to count on Alberto and his experience, as he will enrich this website and bring his professional touch. Tomorrow we will bring you an interview that we have conducted where he talks about the origin of his program, of course J.J. and your expectations. Stay tuned because tomorrow too (or better said at dawn from Friday to Saturday) is J.J.

And Arcegatron will inform you promptly of the performance of “J-Jaw”, but today we bring you a video of J.J. talking about his stay at Stanford and his expectations.

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