Season Begins

He’s already here, despite the cancellation of the teams’ preseasons, the biggest American football show, a new season. This weekend the NFL league begins!! and J.J. Arcega-Whiteside is one of 53 selected by the Eagles to fight for the title.

With the Patriots in low hours, added Tom Brady’s casualty, the Eagles have to prove that they are still a team to consider, just like in 2018 when they were crowned the best team on the continent.

Sunday the 13th, at 7pm in Spain, 13am in Philadelphia, J.J. begins a new NFL race against Washington, in Washington’s stadium, where he can prove that he is now adapted to the most demanding and competitive league on the planet. Also that you are prepared for whatever your team needs.




This season, in particular, is very special for J.J. because it’s going to be your confirmation. The previous one was to adapt, to know the visicitudes of the NFL, a new team, new city, new teammates. It was a very important change in his life. But now it is fully integrated and blended in the city, in the team, and also with its teammates.

Although there has been no preseason, he has not stopped training, not only individually, but also with quaterbacks to gain more confidence and know what is expected of him, and also to see all that he has to offer.

From here this season, as in the previous ones, we will encourage and support you because we know of your capacity for effort, learning and because we believe that you have not yet touched the ceiling.

We leave you the video that the Eagles have created. If you can’t see it directly on the web, it gives you the option to click on it and watch it on youtube.


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