There is less left for the Draft

The 2019 NFL draft will be held April 25-27. . Since JJ announced his intention to appear in the draft, Spain has been echoing. We already commented that it has appeared several times on the public television newscast. But also articles in newspapers, etc., and not only in Spain but also making itself heard in the United States.

Today we bring you a program from Aragón Radio. Also various articles that have appeared in Spanish bowl, the newspaper as, specialized websites …

Rotoworld Article:

Youtube video of

The Draft Network article:

Red Zone interview:

Continuing with Diario as, another article published in January:

Nuevaeradeportiva article:

We also bring you the latest article from SpanishBowl. Many times we talk to you about the friends of TouchDown or Nada, but we cannot forget about SpanishBowl either. They have always been there too. That’s why today we put this last article, and the rest that have been published about JJ:

Last article:

And remember that, we have to get #jjarcegawhitesiderumboalanfl back to being #tt. We did it once. Let’s try again.

But we do not want to end without thanking, once again, all the support that JJ is receiving from all the people who follow and support him. And also to all those media, journalists, and all those who give him visibility, and trust him.

We remind you here of the last article we published. In it you can see the two moments that appeared in the Newscast. Also the link to his biography, where you can learn more about him.

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