Training Camp and Interview with JJ

Although the NFL suspended preseason games for all its teams, there will be competition. For the Eagles, he’ll start on September 13 against Washington at their house. Here’s the full league calendar. Therefore, you can enjoy JJ another year watching it compete among the best Football players.

That’s why the Eagles have been training, they’ve even done their Training Camp. These are days that serve for everyone to live together, get to know each other better, and adapt not only to systems, new coaches, but also to know how to blend together. J.j. already accumulates a season of experience, today he feels he is more prepared than the previous year. Not for nothing these months has he been physically preparing and has also trained with the quaterbarcks, to know what they expect from him and know how to adapt to the needs of the team. In this article you can read the impressions you are leaving in these days of preparation.


During that days, JJ has conducted several interviews, here we bring you the last one where he talks about his evolution with respect to the previous season. It is very interesting to listen to it, although it is in English you can put it in Spanish subtitles, because it not only speaks of it, but also of the team and the new technical staff.

This month’s 8th will make a year of JJ’s NFL debut. A year where many events have happened, not only personal or sporting, but world. This is 2020 is an atypical, complicated year. We may not see audiences in the stadiums, but the intensity and the desire for victory are going to be the same, and that’s why from here we’ll support JJ at all times.

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